Paracord Accessories for Survivalists, Craft Makers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Paracord Needles

Paracord needles are large, round-tipped needles that are quite helpful, although not mandatory, in finishing Paracord Bracelets and other Paracord Projects.  Read more about paracord needles here.

Paracord Accessories - Hemostats by Dakota Gear



Hemostats are helpful, perhaps even more helpful than a Paracord Needle, for finishing Paracord Survival Bracelets.  They are also not mandatory, just helpful.  Read more about Hemostats here.


Paracord Accessories Bracelet Kit by Dakota Gear

Paracord Survival Bracelet Kit

Sometimes its easier to get all of the supplies you need:  Paracord, Buckles, and instructions … in one single Paracord Survival Bracelet Kit.  Read more here.