Take Care of Your Paracord and it Will Take Care of YOU!

High quality Polyester Paracord does not rot, mold, mildew, or fade in color.  However, no Paracord is indestructible.

Protect Your Paracord from Chemicals:  You will generally want to protect your Paracord from exposure to corrosive chemicals, like harsh detergents or cleaning solutions, bleach, kerosene, oil, gasoline, “white gas” (like for camping stoves and lanterns), lye, paint, paint thinner, turpentine, acid, and other chemicals, especially those which might react with or weaken the cord.

Store Your Paracord in a Cool, Dry Place:  Even though your Paracord will not rot or mildew when exposed to water, it is better stored in a cool, dry place.  And, although also resistant to the deteriorative effects of ozone, your Paracord is best stored in places without extended periods of direct sunlight. Paracord Care and Storage techniques help you keep your paracord projects for years to come!

Use Caution with Your Paracord Around Open Flames or Extreme HeatYour Paracord is flammable, although not explosive.  So do not allow your Paracord to come into direct contact with open flames, like a campfire, or extreme heat, like from a camping lantern or room heater. Of your Paracord Care and Storagre tips – this is most important!

Protect Your Paracord from Dirt, Abrasion, Sharp Edges and Unnecessary KnotsBe careful not to drop your Paracord in the dirt and walk on it, or scrape it over the sharp edges, like those of rocks, metal, concrete or trees.  Your paracord is RESISTANT to abrasion, but will be damaged by abuse.

Do not let children, pets or other animals chew on your paracord, as this will certainly damage it.

And do not tie unnecessary knots in your Paracord, as knots weaken all types or string, line and rope.  Learn to tie a few “good” knots and use them sparingly.

“Good” knots are knots that:
– hold very securely
– weaken the cord as little as possible
– are easy to untie

Be careful what you use Paracord for!  One of our customers told us he wanted to use Paracord for the string in his hoodie sweatshirt.  We advised him to be EXTREMELY careful, because of the danger of such a small diameter, extremely strong cord, wrapped so closely under his chin or around his neck.  Remember, Paracord is VERY strong!  Don’t allow children to play unsupervised with Paracord.

With just a minimum of care, your Paracord will serve you well for years to come when following these Paracord Care and Storage tips.