Aussie Guy Explains Why You Should Buy Mil-Spec Paracord and Not “Commercial” Paracord

Video Text:


If you’re going to run around in the OUTBACK all day, you DON’T want cheap equipment!

Hey!  If you just want to snare a little iguana or make a leash for your pet Koala Bear, stop listening to me!

BUT … if you’re going for CROCS and TASMANIAN DEVILS, you HAVE to have the VERY BEST stuff!!

Listen, Mate!


And START buying … THE GOOD STUFF!  You KNOW what I mean!  MilSpec Paracord!

What?  You DON’T know the difference?

Of COURSE you don’t!  It’s REALLY hard to tell the difference!

There’s no manufacturing STANDARD for “commercial” paracord, so they can make it as CHEAP as they want … and you don’t know the difference!

But you and I want real, 100% MilSpec Compliant paracord!  It’s stronger and more reliable!

And BE CAREFUL who you buy your MilSpec Paracord from … because some of the sellers LIE!

They TELL you you’re buying real, CROCODILE STRENGTH Paracord, when it’s really PET KOALA BEAR Paracord!

Here’s THE seller that you can TRUST … to get you genuine, 100% GUARANTEED, CROCODILE strength, MilSpec Paracord!

Go to or click the link below!  And get yours today!

HURRY!  Before that CROC gets UNTIED!

WHAT?  You’re still here?  Go to or click the link below!  RIGHT NOW!  That’s Croc’s getting loose!

I can’t believe you’re STILL HERE!  Click that link NOW!  That Croc’s almost LOOSE!

Crikey!  Those Crocks have SHARP TEETH!